Why is Sustainability Education Important?

July 6, 2017

 While the United States is only 5% of the world's population, we produce 25% of the world's waste

and consume 30% of the world's resources.



According to studies by the National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF), only 12% of Americans could pass a basic environmental literacy test and as many as 80% are heavily influenced by incorrect or outdated environmental information. It is clear that there is a lack of education that fits the lifestyle of the modern American.


Why is it that so many Americans are missing out on this crucial information while there is unending information available on how to Go Green? There seems to be a discontent between knowledge and action. A bombardment of information is not helping. That is the difference between information and education. Renee Lertzman, a founding member of the Climate Psychology Alliance, says that in order to overcome the cognitive dissonance many people feel on the topic of climate change, they need to feel involved in solving the problem.


People need to feel involved in solving the problem.

- Renee Lertzman, PhD


According to a report by NEEF, the correlation between environmental literacy and adopting sustainable practices, such as recycling and being energy conscious, is hopeful, with increases of up to 50% more likely to adopt certain practices amongst environmental education participants. 


While individual action is extremely important, we believe that sustainability is a team sport. A community helps to support and encourage each other to follow through with goals and make a difference for the better. But many community leaders were never trained in sustainability and are unprepared for this necessary shift in lifestyle.


Sustainability is a team sport


There is a need in sustainability, not for experts, but for passionate local leaders, on the ground, taking steps to make their communities more sustainable. Environmental education isn’t just about the knowledge and it is more important now than ever considering the current political climate. It is about empowering people to take matters into their own hands and make informed decisions to better their own lives and the lives of everyone around them.




  1. Raises awareness of environmental issues

  2. Promotes healthy living

  3. Empowers people to make informed choices

  4. Increases desire to be outdoors and combats Nature Deficit Disorder

  5. Encourages the development of critical thinking skills



  • Every day the average American throws away 4.6 lbs of garbage

  • 500 MILLION plastic straws are thrown out every day!

  • We throw away 1 MILLION plastic bags PER MINUTE

  • Every 3 minutes 85 MILLION plastic bottles are disposed of

  • We cut down 27,000 tress every day JUST FOR TOILET PAPER!

  • Almost 3 MILLION gallons of water is wasted every day 



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