Make and KEEP Your New Year's Eco-Resolution

December 28, 2017


Did you make an eco-resolution this year?




To help you make the most of your eco-resolution for 2018, here are a few tips. I'll give you some examples to help you understand by using the resolution of “Going Zero Waste”.

1. Make ONE Realistic and Specific Goal


Don't overwhelm yourself. You only need to make one goal. It's important to make that goal realistic (meaning something you can reasonably attain or achieve) and specific. The less specific the goal, the more you will find ways to feel like a failure, and no one wants that.


Example:  "I will reduce the amount of waste I put into the landfill by 3/4 this year by using only one trash bag per month, instead of per week. "

2. Set an Action Plan


Make your goal more attainable by breaking it down into steps.



Step 1: Be conscious of how much you are buying and what you really need.

Step 2: By-products without plastic packaging if I can avoid it.

Step 3: Start composting to reduce food waste going to the landfill.

Step 4: Find other ways to reuse items you don’t need anymore, or find someone who               will on Craigslist Free.

3. Make it Visible


To remind yourself every day and keep you motivated, make a poster with your goal to hang on the wall. Make it look exciting and even list of few of the benefits of achieving your goal.




4. Get Support


Tell your friends and family about your goal. They are there to support you (hopefully). Having someone to talk to about your struggles and celebrate victories with you helps to stay on track.


Example: Submit your 2018 Eco-Resolution HERE, and let us help keep you accountable!

5. Don't Be Too Hard on Yourself


You are bound to make mistakes. Accept that from the get-go. If you go into the year expecting yourself to never slip up, you will never achieve your goal (at least in a healthy way). It's okay to slip-up every now and then.


Example: Don't beat yourself up for buying food with non-recyclable packaging while you’re on the road; you also need to nourish your body.

6. Celebrate the Small Victories


Reward yourself! Seriously, celebrate even the smallest progress. Not only are you recognizing your progress towards your ultimate goal, but you are keeping yourself motivated to keep going.


Example: Reward yourself with a bubble bath when you had a hard time resisting purchasing waste, but did it anyway.


Have at it, my friends! I hope you have a wonderful new year filled with good habits and successful eco-resolutions! 


Don't forget to submit your eco-resolution HERE,

and we will periodically help keep you on track! 


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