All Warm & Cozy A.K.A Why I love my hot water bottle...

December 6, 2017




When I lived in a mobile home (basically a tin can) in the desert in the Middle East, it got really cold at night. I had an electric heater, but the electricity was very expensive to keep it on all night, especially with no insulation. So I got a hot water bottle. I would fill it, and put it under my 10 blankets on my bed and let it warm up before I got in. Let me tell you it saved my life! After it kept me from freezing every night, I realized there are many other wonderful uses for the hot water bottle.


Here are my

Top 5 Reasons

To Get a Hot Water Bottle




They are an eco-friendly, long lasting source of heat.


Put it under your blankets in your bed and you will be warm all night. I like to place it preemptively, so I have a warm bed to get into. Usually, by morning, it is just warm, but it sure helps to keep me warm all night long. Try putting one at the foot of your bed, since your feet are a big part of your body's temperature regulation.


Alternatively, you could use a cat. 




Hide It Inside Your Coat, Against Your Belly, When It’s Cold Outside


Don't make fun, I zip my hot water bottle right into my winter jacket at my belly when I go outside for a while. It makes winter walks and hikes a lot more enjoyable. Most of the time, no one even knows it's there. 



Use it to Soothe Aches and Cramps 


Let's get real, I mean for your menstrual cramps. When all you want to do is curl into a little ball. But while notorious for its menstrual cramp fighting ability, the hot water bottle can used to loosen non-menstrual related tight or sore muscles, like a stiff neck. 



Reuse the water


Save the water by using the no-longer-hot water by watering your (non-edible) plants!



They can be used again and again

...and again.


(I’m using one right now I bought 5 years ago!)







If that hasn't convinced you... well, I don't know. Stay cold, then. 

I'm just kidding. Stay warm my friends! 





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