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Our Mission

It is Sustainable Skoolie Adventure's mission to increase public action on climate change by providing education for climate change resilience, leadership training, and community organizing resources to communities across the country.


Our Values

Sustainable Skoolie Adventure was founded based on a set of values that guide all our work.


Respect for all life: Above all, we must respect all life, including humans, animals, and plant life. We believe respect is the first step in understanding each other and uniting to solve the crises we face as a planet.


Earth Stewardship: To care for the earth is to care for ourselves. We are supported by the Earth. If we wish for that to continue, we must support the Earth as well.


Inclusivity: All humans are worthy in our eyes. Our world is a diverse place, and we strive to keep it that way because it is the only way for it to THRIVE! We do not discriminate based on age, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, socioeconomic background, disability, or legal status. 


Service: “The fragrance of the rose lingers long on the hand that casts it” – William Shakespeare Giving is what life is all about, and we strive to be of service to those who need assistance.

Education & Empowerment: Education is the most powerful tool we have for change. We believe it is our duty to pass along current and unbiased education to all we can. Education leads to empowerment. The more educated you are, the more empowered you are to make good decisions. We don’t only mean formal education, like University, but real-life experiential education too. The type of education you can find anywhere if you look hard enough.


Our Philosophy

Sustainable Skoolie Adventure’s philosophy is based on the belief that, given the right tools, people will make choices that impact the world positively, rather than negatively. And while individual action is extremely important, we believe that sustainability is a team sport. We believe in the power of the people, when they band together, to make a difference, no matter who they are.


By taking the weight off an individual’s shoulders and placing it on the collective, we can begin to process and support each other through making changes for a better future. We believe everyone needs to partake in ownership of the solution to our current environmental crisis. By training local community leaders, and up-and-coming teen leaders, we bring sustainable action into local communities.


Our Commitment


  • LIVE by our values.


  • Leave each place we visit better than we found it.


  • Actively work towards Social and Environmental Justice for all by volunteering for organizations and grassroots initiatives across the country and always standing up for what we BELIEVE in.


  • EMPOWER people with the most up-to-date and relevant information on topics related to sustainability and environmental justice. 


  • Partner only with organizations and companies committed to sustainability. 


  • SUSTAINABILITY is a top priority. Including:

    • Energy Efficiency

    • Waste Reduction

    • Water Conservation

    • Pollution Prevention

    • Conscious Consumerism


  • Be TRANSPARENT and for the betterment of society


Coming Soon

Meet the Team


Board of Directors

Chava Erica Tzemach   Boulder, CO



Chava is an educator and activist who has spent the last nine years working in the non-profit field, in development, marketing, and programming. Building on her lifelong passions for the environment and sustainable living, Chava created Sustainable Skoolie Adventure with hopes of empowering people to reduce their carbon footprints and raise Earth consciousness. In addition to founding Sustainable Skoolie Adventure, she is also currently working towards becoming a Certified Master Environmental Educator (caee.org). When she isn’t ripping apart of school bus you can find her hiking, cooking yummy meatless meals, snuggling with her cat companion, Virtue, or staring relentlessly at her computer screen working on ten projects at once. 

Audra McClure, NOAA Affiliate   Boulder, CO

Board Member



Audra is an atmospheric scientist who currently works at NOAA Global Monitoring Division through the University of Colorado Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science (CIRES). She dedicates her work to running a global network of ground-level ozone instruments, from the geographic south pole to Barrow, Alaska and many remote places in between. She has been involved with research regarding the influence of gas and oil production, wildfires, population centers, and global transport pathways on high ozone conditions as well as researching the long-term changes in ground-level ozone across the globe. Her motivation for this work is to understand how a changing climate impacts the air we live in and to spread knowledge of the effects of air pollution on ecosystem functionality and public health. Her educational background is in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and she is currently pursuing her Masters degree in Data Analysis and Statistics. She shares her life with a variety of fury, scaled, and feathered animals, all rescues from one place or another-Most notable is her PTSD service dog, Rhea, who is always by her side providing support and spreading awareness of mental illness, not only for Audra but for others who fight the same battle. Audra is an avid outdoors-woman, gardener, artist, animal enthusiast, yogi, and banjo player.

Volunteer Advisory Board

Sarah Schumacher   New York City, NY

Advisory Board Member


Sarah is a poet that paints. A cheerleader that meditates. An activist that listens. A dreamer that questions. Whoever Sarah is, it is certain that her talents for enthusiasm, counseling, creative directing and education are a force to be reckoned with. With 10+ years of educational work with kids and teenagers, a permaculture certification, experience on the farm, in the kitchen, at the compost pile, and a lifelong dedication to personal practice and Earth allyship, it is no wonder why Sarah is a cornerstone presence for the inaugural Sustainable Skoolie Adventure summer tour.  

Dekel Luban   Boston, MA

Advisory Board Member



Dekel is a proud Midwesterner living in New England after five years living in the Israeli desert. She has a broad academic background in the humanities and social sciences and has worked in higher education and the non-profit sector. Dekel is also a violinist with the Brookline Symphony Orchestra, and when she's not playing music, she's studying it, as a graduate student of ethnomusicology at Tufts University. Most importantly, Dekel is also a clean air and sustainability enthusiast, and a lover of trees, in keeping with her name, which is Hebrew for "palm tree."

Chaya Itzkowitz   New York City, NY

Advisory Board Member



Chaya has a MA in Education and has been teaching Special Education for the past eight years. She currently teaches grades 5-8 at Carmel Academy in Greenwich, CT. She also runs a program at SSTTE Religious School called Kulanu, for children with learning disabilities.  Chaya is also involved with JDC:Entwine and spent two weeks this summer with the JDC in Rwanda, volunteering in the Agahozo Shalom Youth Village. She is passionate about building open and inclusive Jewish communities and is very involved at the Beis community in Washington Heights. She is feels strongly about environmental education and wants to make sure that the next generation knows how to properly take care of themselves and the world around them. She is a very creative person and enjoys creating, painting and singing in her spare time.

Jacob Chatinover   Denver, CO

Advisory Board Member


Jacob Chatinover is an environmental educator. He has taught in the wilderness with the Teva Learning Alliance, in schools with Hazon, on a farm with the Pearlstone Center, in a kitchen with Eden Village Camp, in the mountains with Ramah in the Rockies, and all over the country with the Topsy Turvy Bus tour (a veggie-powered educational bus tour). He toured for two summers, first as an educator and then as project lead. He wrote curriculum, hired staff, coordinated logistics, and balanced the budget. He hopes to bring all these experiences, and especially those on an educational bus-house-laboratory, to help cultivate the growth of the Sustainable Skoolie Adventure.

Itai Gal   Boston, MA

Advisory Board Member


Itai Gal is a musician and teacher in Boston. They hold a Master's Degree in Jewish Education from Hebrew College, and currently song-leads at several synagogues and teach Hebrew and Judaics. They worked as a Teva Educator with Chava and on Hazon's Topsy Turvy Bus in 2016. Itai was an Adamah farming fellow in 2013 and an Eden Village Camp counselor in 2012. Itai has also served on the board of Moishe Kavod House, a Jewish social justice community, for three years. They are excited to continue their work in the environmental education world.

Education Intern Bios Coming Soon!

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